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Record drought in the U.S. was among the strongest headwinds that farmers faced last year, but dwindling sales from key international markets made things even tougher for fertilizer companies, which rely heavily on global sales. With another planting season already behind us, most of these companies seem to have left the bad memories of the drought behind. But, foreign markets remain a challenge — particularly India. Troubles in India are growing like a weed, and some recent developments in the nation could hurt U.S. fertilizer imports further. Naturally, investors who have money locked in those fertilizer companies, which derive a good portion of their revenue from the Indian markets, need to be wary. Why is India such an important market?India currently imports 100% of its potash, and 90% of its phosphate requirements. The nation makes up more than 30%of U.S. phosphate exports, and 9% of U.S. potash exports businesses. That’s … Continue reading

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Fund Management initiated a position in Vodafone (VOD) Common during the quarter. Vodafone is a leading provider of telecommunications services based in the United Kingdom. This investment is discussed in more detail in this quarter’s Third Avenue International Value Fund shareholder letter. The Vodafone common investment made by the Fund was prompted by the company’s sale of its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless at a tremendous price (9.4 times EBITDA). Shares of Vodafone Common were purchased at less than five times pro-forma EBITDA and at a mid-single digit dividend yield in the Fund. Although conditions in the European telecommunications industry are difficult, Vodafone’s business is very cash generative and the proceeds from the Verizon Wireless transaction will enable the company to reinvest more in its networks than many of its competitors while maintaining a very strong financial position and a healthy dividend. Vodafone also has substantial exposure to emerging ma … Continue reading

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On a day when it seemed like just about every stock on the planet was “in the red,” and lost money, TASER International (NASDAQ: TASR  ) was the exception. News that TASER has gotten its stock included into the S&P 600 SmallCap Index sent TASER shares flying in early trading Monday. Although TASER stock wasn’t completely immune to a broad market sell-off, and ended the day with only a 5.2% gain, the stock was up nearly twice that amount at one point. But is TASER really worth the nearly $17 a share that Wall Street now charges for it? Well, no. But it’s awfully close. Valuation matters On the surface, TASER shares seem steeply valued at 52 times earnings. Even if analysts are right about the company’s ability to grow earnings at 30% annually, every year, for the next five years, that looks like a pretty rich valuation. But looks can … Continue reading

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Biotech in general has been one of the markets hottest sectors this year thanks to plenty of mostly good newsalong withnew IPOs while small cap biotech stocks Delcath Systems (NASDAQ: DCTH), ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc (NASDAQ: ZIOP), Recro Pharma (NASDAQ: REPH), TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: TLOG)and TNI BioTech (OTCMKTS: TNIB) have also produced their share of newsthis week or in recent weeks. Just consider the following: Biotech Stock Bubble Debate in 14 Charts. Havent decided whether there is a bubble in the biotech sector just yet? The Street has a short but to the point article with 14 charts showing how biotech stocks have had an unbelievableyear, but have also underperformed the broader market in the past month with momentum-driven biotech stocks (mostly small caps or mid caps)having been hit with some serious selling over the past month. There wasalso a chart showing how well orphan drug stocks have performed up until … Continue reading

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In this video, Andrew Tonner explains his reason for preferring Dell over Hewlett-Packard for short-term returns. In a nutshell, Dell is in the midst of a takeover fight that will probably drive the stock higher. That said, if any buyout deal falls through, the stock could dive pretty quickly, too. HP, meanwhile, is still in the midst of a turnaround. The company remains heavily exposed to the declining PC market, and there’s no guarantee that Meg Whitman’s tough decisions will resurrect HP. Check out the video for further details. The massive wave of mobile computing has done much to unseat the major players in the PC market, including venerable technology names like Hewlett-Packard. However, HP’s rapidly shifting its strategy under the new leadership of CEO Meg Whitman. But does this make HP one of the least-appreciated turnaround stories on the market, or is this a minor blip on its road … Continue reading