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While renewable energy still has a long way to traverse before it competes on an apples-to-apples basis with hydrocarbon-based fuels, plenty of inroads have been built. Still, Southern (NYSE: SO  ) CEO Tom Fanning recently outlined three limitations with renewable energy. Holding back the sector are long distances from demand centers, intermittent supply, and government subsidies. Some recent players in the solar industry are working to solve the first problem, but more uncertainty surrounds the later two. Check out the following video for more insight into the future sustainability of renewable energy sources. There are many different ways to play the energy sector, and The Motley Fool’s analysts have uncovered an under-the-radar company that’s dominating its industry. This company is a leading provider of equipment and components used in drilling and production operations and is poised to profit in a big way from it. To get the name and detailed analysis … Continue reading

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INDIANAPOLIS — The drug fakery came to the attention of Eli Lilly and Co. in 2007, when a British packager noticed upside-down batch numbers on blister packs of Zyprexa, a popular medicine to treat schizophrenia. Lilly confirmed the foil packs held illegal knockoffs, filled with impurities and containing only 55 to 80 percent of the active ingredient in real Zyprexa. The hunt was on for the counterfeiter. British investigators soon found him: Kevin Xu, a then 37-year-old Chinese national who was shipping the fake Zyprexa to Brussels in drums labeled “carmel colouring.” From there, the drugs were moved to Great Britain by a distributor who resold them as legitimate French stock. Arrested and put on trial in the United States in 2008, Xu received a six-year prison term for misbranding and trafficking in counterfeit drugs. Top Electric Utility Companies For 2015: NextEra Energy Inc. (NEE) NextEra Energy, Inc., through its … Continue reading

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AT&T (T) got crushed with its largest one-day loss since the recession after reporting Q1 earnings on Wednesday. The company’s weak earnings were a result of soft revenue caused by disappointing subscriber adds. While these two factors caught the headlines, I am much more concerned with its CAPEX guidance and its impact on telecom equipment makers. A Look Back at CAPEX and its Impact Last November, telecom equipment makers Ericsson (ERIC) and Alcatel-Lucent (ALU), among many others, traded higher as AT&T provided a boost to the space. On that day, AT&T announced earnings where it hiked its dividend, but also announced that it would spend $22 billion on CAPEX for each of the next three years. Just in case you don’t know, "CAPEX" is capital expenditures that create future benefits, and it is the bulk of business for the telecom equipment companies that build networks. When AT&T announced that it … Continue reading

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SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) Energy stocks fell Thursday, following the broader equity markets as investors fretted about the budget impasse in Washington and the dollar fell to a eight-month low against the euro. The government shutdown entered its third day, and the Treasury Department cautioned of a catastrophic effect for the U.S. economy if Congress fails to raise the debt limit later this month. @NWSNewOrleans Tropical Storm Karens projected path. The days macroeconomic data did little to move the needle. Weekly job claims data was better than expected, but a services report missed the mark. Best Services Stocks To Invest In 2015: Flowers Foods Inc (FLO) Flowers Foods, Inc. (Flowers Foods), incorporated in October 2000, is a producer and marketer of bakery products in the United States. The Company is the producer and marketer of packaged bakery foods for retail and foodservice customers in the United States. Flowers Foods operates 44 … Continue reading

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I’d hate to be short Pall (NYSE:PLL), as large companies in the filtration space often seem as close to bulletproof as you can find in the market. So even though sell-side analysts chronically overestimate Pall’s free cash flow, investors remain happy with a company that admittedly enjoys strong share and a very lucrative channel of repeat business. While I think Pall’s shares remain overvalued, I don’t have any particular reason to believe that the shares will sell off dramatically, as the life sciences business should be stable and the industrial business should start improving next year. On Target In Fiscal Q4 There are always plenty of moving parts within Pall’s results, as the company sells into so many different end markets, but the end result performance was pretty much on target. Revenue fell almost 1% as reported to close the fiscal year, but revenue in local currency terms rose … Continue reading